I am starting to realize there are a  bunch of great minds on this mailinglist and I feel confident that this WLM project is going to result in some very clever Bots. 

Nuno, I definitely would appreciate any and all help on auto-categorizing!

Andre, are you referring to this template:
{{Information field|name=Rijksmonument|value={{Rijksmonument|2542}}}}
Because I noticed it dumped this picture into the category "Monuments and Memorials in Amsterdam" when it should have placed it into "Rijksmonumenten in Amsterdam":

2011/8/3 Andre Koopal <andre@molens.org>
On Wed, Aug 03, 2011 at 11:27:12AM +0100, Nuno Tavares wrote:
> Hello all,
> - Up to now, I'm expected that the categories get automatically placed,
> either from the form, or a post-bot-run. Eventually there are others:
> manually inserted, like "Palaces in Portugal", and those related to
> geolocalization that don't interfere with anything, I believe.
Just picking out this one. Yes, in NL a lot of categorisation was automated,
either directly (I believe rijksmonument and the wlm category), or by bot.

As you know in which town a monument-id is, you can even do the
location-based categories via the bot. For NL we also had a 'type' field,
due to which we could categorize into categories like
'churches in the netherlands'.

And yes, categories are important, it makes the objects findable. That is
why having the id with the upload is important, via the id and databases
with information, you can automate a lot.