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While this is an extremely useful tool, I think it is good to mention that to be truely useful, the tables containing the monuments should be built from header- and row templates. Otherwise apparently it is a problem to import the monuments into the database, and they will not show up on the mobile app or any of the other tools. 

This is also the way the Indian monument lists are built up:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_India/Wiki_Loves_Monuments/Kerala  . 

So yes, the tool can be very useful for many purposes, but not very much for monument lists. Thanks for the suggestion though. 

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2012/8/7 Karthik Nadar <karthikndr@wikimedia.in>
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I'm sorry if you did know this before, but thought to share them with you. While doing some research regarding Wikitable, I'd found out a tool which works better spreadsheets such as Gnumeric, MS Excel, etc. Find the tool here: http://excel2wiki.net/wikipedia.php

Simple procedures: You need to copy the list available from Internet to Spreadsheets, and then copy the whole excel sheet, paste it there in the link and click on submit. You'll find contents which is ready-to-paste to Wiki. Use this tool for lists with extensive number of monuments, and be careful while using it. 

Thanks! Do let us know if you have any other alternatives :)

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