Hi everyone,

I know that some of you are already very enthusiastically working on organising WLM 2022, and so is the international team!

The WMF granted our request for Wiki Loves Monuments 2022-2023 so we are good to go for another year, and we are very happy that this year Manfred Werner will actively be supporting the international team as our part-time staff. Manfred was previously already involved in our finances and is a staff member of Wikimedia Austria, our fiscal sponsor. Welcome Manfred!

In our last bi-weekly meeting, the international team reviewed the timeline of WLM 2022, and we would like to ask you to do the same. Historically, we organised WLM in September, but in 2020, because of the pandemic, the competition period was extended to 3 months (Sept, Oct, Nov).
Last year, the two months in which you can choose any period up to a maximum of 31 days for your national competition, was September 1st - October 31st. Would this be okay to do again this year?
And the deadline of December 5th for the submission to the international jury (sending your national top 10 to the international team), was this a reasonable time frame?