Thanks Pawel,

Photos are also stored to the year 2019 categories. Categories are hidden so those aren't visible to the common participants.

Example cats 
Example photo  

-- Kimmo Virtanen

On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 10:37 PM Paweł Marynowski <> wrote:
Hey Kimmo, I'm working on updating the dates on the map, it should be updated soon.

pon., 31 sie 2020 o 04:26 Kimmo Virtanen <> napisał(a):

Thanks for the updating the text. There is still some wrong years in (least front page refers to 2019). Is it possible update it too? It would be great to have countries with Wikidata list support to front pages quick links too.

-- Kimmo Virtanen, Zache

On Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 8:34 AM effe iets anders <> wrote:
Hi all,

Please note that for many countries, we don't have a national landing page link yet. Please update the list of participating countries with that information. 

Jernej: I suggest to start a new thread about this, and link the templates you're concerned about. I know Romaine does a lot of updating in these days, and I'm not sure if this is on his radar - so thanks for keeping an eye out!

Rebecca: same for Monumental, please start a separate thread about that, and ping Pawel. 


On Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 9:41 PM Johnattan Rupire <> wrote:

Hi all,

we confirmed our participation for october this year. We have a deeply impact of covid19 in Perú, so we are going on with care and attention.

Ovruni fixed a little bug on WLM template that we use.

And we are coordinanting with our jury members and some participants of the passed years in order to take care about our process here.

We hope you all are fine,


El 29/08/20 a las 09:34, Jernej Polajnar escribió:
All the WLM templates still list September as the focal month, even if some communities have decided on later months (AFAIK, they were just updated by a bot from last year). Should we change them manually? Who will take care that they will be displayed on time?


On 29. 08. 2020 07:28, effe iets anders wrote:
Hi all,

The following national organizers seem not yet to have confirmed their participation dates for this year: 
- Algeria
- Egypt
- Finland
- Guinea
- Hong Kong
- Ireland
- Norway
- Peru

Please make sure to confirm your participation with dates here: . This is important, because of the altered timeline this year

Looking forward to an exciting competition this year again! Please do share what activities you're taking up this year with other countries - we can all use some inspiration. I saw at least one exciting photography workshop/masterclass that was hosted online (I think it was Romania?), which sounds like an excellent idea! Please create a new thread on this list, and share your ideas or best practices. 


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