I was afraid you would say that! My point was to show how you can merge fields in one row in a list. This is assuming of course that your list is structured by line! The idea is that you first need to define all required fields (and potentially required fields) in the row template, and then you can merge two or more fields into one table row parameter.
Similarly, you can add or leave fields out of the wikitable by adjusting the table header fields.

If your lists are just 100% prose then of course it all remains quite a lot of work for one person and you will need the assistance of LOTS of volunteers,


2012/6/29 Андр╕й Бондаренко <>
Hi, Jane

Thank you for your reply, but my issue is not about translation. The question of translation is not actual at all - we work with Ukrainian language lists only.
The issue is a conversion wiki to template format.

Regards, Andrij

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