Dear Tomasz, dear all,

thanks for your mails concerning the shirt order for Wiki loves monuments.

On 15.08.2011 12:32, Simon Wieland wrote:

> Since there have been some questions about the costs: The costs will be
> covered by the European budget. If you'd like to order more than 20 shirts,
> we ask you to pay for the added number (around 5 to 6 per shirt).

I've already mentioned that twice: imagine that each country asks for 20
T-shirts, then Wikimedia Deutschland will ship 340 of them -- what is
going to happen with the remaining 160 shirts?

I'd like to order 30 shirts without paying for them (because Wikimedia
Poland is going to chip in EUR 1,000) -- is it possible?

I did not mean to not answer your question. Just to clarify: I started working at Wikimedia Germany about one month ago and I am only doing an internship. Hence I do not feel comfortable making such decisions as who is getting how many T-Shirts and who will pay for them. Nicole, regular staff member of WMDE in charge of international community projects such as WLM, will be back from holiday on Monday and I am sure that she has more insight and can suggest a solution, especially since she attended the WLM meeting in Haifa (where I believe the decision 20 shirts / chapter) was made.

My hope was to place the order as soon as possible, because time is running out and printing 500 shirts will take about two weeks + shipping time. It would be nice if the shirts could be delievered when the contests starts (I guess that does not work out for Switzerland anyway).

In the meantime I have received orders from six chapters (Switzerland, Portugal, Andorra, Denmark, Romania and Sweden). I am not sure if all participating countries have somebody reading along on this mailinglist. In any case, I ask you to fill out the form (if you have not already), so we have your contact data and can at least be sure which countries will need T-Shirts. The online form also gives you the opportunity to leave a comment. So in case you're still unsure about details (number, size, payment etc.) you can always drop a note there and we'll get back to you.

Thanks for your help in advance,

PS: @Andrei: I got your note concerning the delivery adress. When we have decided for a company, I will get in touch with them, in order to find out there preferred method of delivery to Romania. I'll let you know which adress we'll use.