Hi Racso,

This is unfortunately how Guinness World Records works. The record has to go to an organization (legal entity) or person that actually organized it. Wikimedia Nederlands, as the official organizer of the international part of the competition, is the organization that comes closest to it. Guinness World Records isn't really "built" for online events, which is also the reason you will see 'the Netherlands' as location for the competition, and not 'Europe' (which would have been my preference for 2011). We can't simply edit their framework - if we want to be recognized by them, we have to make sure we fit in. Somehow. 


2012/10/9 Racso <racso@colombia.com>
Awesome :) Congratulations to everyone! Now, let's break it again :D

Just a quick though: isn't there a way to "give" (not sure about which would be the right verb here) the record to the "Wiki Loves Monuments Organizers (Worldwide)"? While I'm very happy with it being "given" to WM Nederland (Nederlands), I would be even happier if it could be "given" to all the organizing teams at the same time (I'm only talking about the record registry; obviously, if some kind of certificate or trophie is given, I guess it has to be at a single place at once). If it's not possible for the 2011 record, would it be for the 2012 (which we know we will get :D) one?

2012/10/9 Lodewijk <lodewijk@effeietsanders.org>
Hi all,

We have seen it coming for a while, but now it is official: Wiki Loves Monuments has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the Worlds Largest Photography Competition! With 168,208 submissions we squashed the previous record by roughly 50%. For 2012 we will likely squash our own record, but it will need some time to become official. 

Please find the blog post on the Wiki Loves Monuments blog here: http://www.wikilovesmonuments.org/wiki-loves-monuments-2011-officially-broke-world-record/

Thank you all for making this possible! It was a great journey and I am very glad that all your work gets some extra touch this way!



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