Nice. I just have some doubts about ongoing votes. That would give early entries a handicap (as in golf) advantage.

2011/3/30 Delphine Ménard <>
On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 9:53 AM, Maarten Dammers <> wrote:
> Hay is never going to look at you again! ;-)


> We used this logo last year, might be time for a new one. I don't
> really care how we get a new logo, as long as it's ready in time.
> Competition sound like fun. Let the games begin!

OK, let's go forward with this then.

Here are some of the criteria I was thinking about, input welcome:

*logo must be svg.
*logo must be CC-BY or CC-BY-SA
*logo must be easily usable on promotion material  (caps, mugs,
buttons, posters, leaflets etc.) and on many color backgrounds

*logo _does not_ have to be a nth derivative of the Wikimedia Community logo
*logo must be recognizable from afar
*logo should be as "language neutral" as possible. This means for
example that text should be rendered in font rather than in vectors to
allow for possible translations/adaptations. =>not sure about
*logo should be as "international" as possible, and speak to the wider
*logo should not be time tied, but should allow for variations (such
as year, maybe place)

DOs and DON'Ts
Visual guidelines:
* no or very straightforward gradient (difficult to render on swag)
* sharp contours (no messy background, also difficult to render on swag)
* black/white and/or grayscale must be easy to render (logo must be contrasted)
* easily scalable (a big-size logo must look as nice as a small-size logo)

Wiki loves monument is a photo contest that engages the Wikimedia
community and the community at large to work at making pictures of
listed monuments around the world. 2011 will be the first time that
Wiki Loves Monuments happens in a coordinated fashion and on a wide
scale, in Europe. More about the project here: (link to Commons page).
In order to make this a success, several Wikimedia chapters and groups
of community members are working on coordinating the organisation of
the event. The logo will be used on promotional material (leaflets,
swag etc.) for participants, on posters to advertise the event and on
brochures to present the project to potential partner institutions.
We need a cool logo that will represent both the "serious" spirit of
the event (we're talking about "governement" listed monuments) but
that will also engage community participants and make them proud of
displaying it as much as possible. Although the event is coordinated
this year for Europe, we hope to make this a recurring and world-wide
event in the years to come.

*Logo competition runs as of now, last submissions must be entered
before the 17th of April 23.59 UTC. After that date, only
variations/adaptations of a same logo may be presented by designers to
the voters.
*Votes are ongoing, votes close on the 30th of April => not sure about
ongoing votes?
*Comments are welcome and even desired
*Community vote on meta or Commons? (note: my preference would go to
commons, but I don't really care)
*Voting closes on the 27th of April, 23.59 UTC

How to participate:
*Upload your logo on Commons in an svg format and tag it with the
category [[Category:Wiki Loves Monuments logo contest]].
*Make sure the logo is under CC-BY or CC-BY-SA
*List your logo on the designated page under the format:
== Name of logo ==
*by [[User:XXXX]]
(votes must be cast with the templates {{support}} or {{oppose}}. All
votes should give a reason why they go one way or the other, so as to
allow uploaders to adapt their logo and resubmit)

I think I've covered it all.




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