This is fascinating!


How is it possible, that nobody in WMCZ came with the same idea - yet our country has the most dense railway network and many train stations desperately need something nice!



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> Datum: 08.01.2013 15:12
> Předmět: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Polish Railways Open exhibition


Today we started an open exhibition of WLM pictures on Central
Railways Station in Warsaw. Polish Railways have several spots in
Poland where the art can be shown for free for public. We managed to
put WLM pictures there for 2 weeks. The pictures are placed on stands
in B1 poster size in main hall of the station. Each picture has some
description + QR-code pointing to the relevant article in Wikipedia.

After 2 weeks the exhibition will be moved to Gdynia and the to
Wrocław main railways stations...

The funny thing is that this is 100% free for us.

See posters:

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz

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