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Hi everyone,

I'm reaching out to you on behalf of WLM international team to learn about your experience as an organizer of WLM 2016. During the months of September to December (and maybe even earlier than September and later than December), you and your team of organizers have spent substantial amount of time to make your Wiki Loves Monuments a success. We are eager to hear about those experiences and learn how we can improve the infrastructure and services that we offer to you for making 2017 a smoother, more efficient, and fun year for you to organize WLM. Please help us achieve that! :)

We ask you to kindly do the following:
* Please take some time to respond to this survey by 2017-02-04.
* Share the link to the above survey with all the people who helped you organize WLM in your campaign and ask them to participate. We will need to hear from as many organizers as possible. 
* If you know of someone who had organized WLM in the past and didn't do so this year, please share with them this other survey with the same deadline as 2017-02-04. We would like to learn how we can help them come back as an organizer in WLM 2017. :)

If you don't have access to Google Forms, please email me offlist and I will share a pdf version of the survey with you. 

We really appreciate in advance the time you spend on helping us learn more about your work.

Lily, on behalf of WLM international team 2016

User: LilyOfTheWest