Ok, so I think we could just primarily rely on the reminder message.


Even if things had gone as they were meant to, there would always be the problem that people who don’t have a look at their discussion page after receiving their first e-mail notification won’t get an e-mail notification for the reminder. – If I get it right, MediaWiki wouldn’t send out a second e-mail notification anyways if people never had a look at their discussion page in the meanwhile.


So, sending them one e-mail notification for the survey is probably as good as we can get in most cases if we post the messages on people’s discussion pages.









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If I understand the bug, the emails will be send out by MediaWiki if the bot mark its edits as not-a-minor edit.
It is possible.



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@Platonides / Nemo:


What are the chances that the bug you hit when sending out the invitation for the survey will be avoided when sending out the reminder? – I guess the easiest solution would be to post the reminder message to the talk pages in a way that an e-mail notification is triggered. Would this be possible?