Hello Tomasz,

I wished to check the tracking number, as we still have received nothing...

I tried to enter the number on http://www.dpd.com/tracking# but if I click "parcel number", I get an error message, and i I chose "Reference", asks me a login and password.

Can you access it as the sender ? 

Best regards,
2012/2/3 Tomasz Kozłowski <odder.wiki@gmail.com>
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Dear All,
I am, finally, glad to inform you that the long-awaited Wiki Loves
Monuments calendars have left Wikimedia Polska's office in Łódź and are
on their way to your countries; at the end of this e-mail you will find
a link to a Google spreadsheet and all necessary information.

Firstly, let me begin with a short introduction about the delay we had
(it's February 2012 already, and the calendars were supposed to have
been delivered to you by the middle of December!); I feel that you all
deserve an explanation and somebody to bite (that'd be me).

== The Story of the Delay ==
Due to a delayed decision of the international jury of which we are all
aware, we have started the work on the design of calendars only after
the end of GLAMcamp in Amsterdam (2-4 December). This took us a week,
and the printing company was given the final design file on December 14.

However, because of the Christmas & New Year holiday season and some
additional changes to the project, the calendars arrived at WMPL's
office as late as January 16.  And then, a catastrophic miscommunication
has happened in Wikimedia Polska's side, for which I am the only one to
be blamed -- so please accept my sincere apologies.

I would also like to assure you that we have learned our lesson and will
draw all the neccessary conclusions not to make this situation happen
again in the future.

== Technical details ==
The calendars are A4 in size, printed on a 170 g/m2 glossy photographic
paper, and are combined together by a metal spiral on the longer side of
the page (yes, they're horizontal).

Due to the small size, the calendars have been given an additional
cardboard, thanks to which they could not only be hanged on a wall, but
also put on a flat surface (e.g. a desk).

For those of you wishing to have a look at how the calendars look like,
Tomasz "Polimerek" Ganicz has taken some photos
<http://tools.wikimedia.pl/~poli/Kalendarz_WLM/> -- they should be
uploaded to Commons very soon, we'll just need to sort out some
copyright information to avoid an unnecessary havoc :)

== Shipping information ==
All the shipment information, together with the tracking numbers, is
available on the following Google spreadsheet: <http://goo.gl/N7abT>.

I hope that all companies will do their job and there won't be any
problems with shipping the packages to you -- as we have been told, you
should await the packages in 3-5 working days, probably even sooner in
the countries closer to Poland.

As for Russia, we have, as previously agreed upon, sent the package via
the Polish Postal Service; I don't have the tracking number yet and will
approach you off-the-list with more information. We haven't also been
able to send the package to the post-office box of Wikimedia Norge (as
far as I remember, it happened to WMDE, too), so I decided to use
another address instead.

I hope that this (too long) e-mail answers all the questions you might
have had about the delay; please feel to comment, ask questions, and
share the information with your friends at local Wikimedia chapters --
and don't forget to let us know as soon as you receive the calendars!

Looking forward to hearing from you,
- --
Tomasz Kozłowski | [[user:odder]]

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