Dear WLMers,

We at the Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 international coordination team are looking forward to hire a contractor to take care of the maintenance of the infrastructure behind Wiki Loves Monuments, and everything that is needed to run smoothly the contest. Yes, this will be a paid contract and we would expect the person to work for us for three months from August up-to October.

We are looking for a candidate of either gender with the following skills:

Among the tasks the contractor will need to perform you have: running “Erfgoedbot” and adding countries to the monuments’ database. They will need to write PHP–based tools (statistics) using data from a MySQL database.

The contractor, when selected, will be working for the Wiki Loves Monuments international coordination team. He will sign a contract with Wikimedia Nederlands, the fiscal sponsor of the Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 international project.

If you are interested, please forward your resume and your portfolio to The deadline to send applications is 29 July 2013. The Wiki Loves Monuments international team consists of volunteers and so, it might take time from our side to review your applications, but we will make sure it doesn’t takes more than a week.


Karthik Nadar and Cristian Consonni,

On behalf of the WLM international team.