(This is a follow-up to some questions that were asked during hte Wiki Loves meetup at Wikimania)

== Mass contacting participants (or a subset of participants) ==
There are two methods I know for contacting the contributors to a competition:
* MassMessage allows messages to be sent out to the talk pages of a list of users.
* Massenmail a short javascript by DerHexer to send mass messages using the "email this user" function. It adds a button to the sidebar Tools section which triggers an interface where you enter the list of users, a topic, content and if you want a copy.

== Wikidata Migration ==
For teams interesting in mapping their data to Wikidata the starting point is Wikidata:WikiProject_WLM/Status. Click on the link for your country in the "maping tables" column (@Deror that is il_(he) for you) to start mapping. See e.g. the mapping for Iran as an example or give me a shout if you have any questions.

If your data is already on Wikidata then please also take a look in the table to make sure we are aware of it.
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