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I have uploaded the results of the 2012 participants’ survey:


As soon as I get the raw data, we can also run country comparison analyses.


I’ve just received the raw data of the 2011 participants’ survey and will have it analysed by my students.


From an earlier analysis, I remember, however, that the Swiss 2011 sample was too small to meaningfully report about the age statistics (we were interested in the share of participants older than 50 years). – The samples for Germany and the Netherlands were larger, though, so making a country report for the age statistics was possible. I guess, the 2012 sample for Switzerland might be even smaller than the 2011 one.


Having user statistics as a complement to the survey would make much sense in any case! – As Charles suggests, Some questions can be better dealt with on the basis of the user stats.


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Hi Charles,


this is something we're looking into on an international level - I'm not sure how easily we can provide it on a per-country basis (that depends on the amount of work it requires). If someone could produce the user lists both per-country and total, I could see what I can do. Ideally of course, also for 2010, and 2011.




2013/4/26 Charles Andrès <>

Hi all,

I'm looking for a tools to get the statistic of the user that participate in the last edition.


What I would like is a way to enter the list of all participant for switzerland, and retrieve at least: 

*the date of registration for each participant (new wikimedian?) 

*the last edit of each participant (still a wikimedian?)



Thanks a lot to the one who saved me!






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