Hello all!

Do you think September is still far, far away?, but you want to do something with all the knowledge your contributors collected on the monuments they visited?

Do like we do in the Netherlands and organize a writing competition!

In the month of May, the Dutch team is organizing a writing challenge on Dutch National Monuments on the Dutch language Wikipedia. We contacted our sponsors early this year and asked them if they wanted to send in a small prize, in addition to sponsoring the photo competition in September. And they did!

We designed a simple scoring system (100 points for each new article, 50 points for every 1000 new bytes, 10 points for each used picture of a monument) and thanks to Multichill and Wikidata, we have a list of suggestions on monuments for peopleĀ  to write about.

If you know Dutch, of course you're free to join in!
If you want to organize something similar and need help, feel free to ask: it's not that hard.