I guess the commonist improvement (small modification at least and if possible more) is very welcome

> Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 18:34:25 +0100
> From: maarten@mdammers.nl
> To: wikilovesmonuments@lists.wikimedia.org
> Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Improving the monuments database and tooling
> Hi everyone,
> Development of the tooling is happening again. List of things I noticed:
> * We now keep track of the wiki articles. This is either directly in a
> list or derived (thanks Raul)
> * We now keep track of an url with more information about a monument.
> This is based on the identifier in the list (thanks Raul).
> * The header template in a list can now be used for setting default
> values for the row template. For example you just set {{header
> template|municipality=hometown}}. For all the following rows you don't
> have to include the municipality. Requested by Alex, implemented today
> by me.
> * I added support for gpx as an output format of the api. Still in need
> of some fixes, but Google already understands it. Some feedback would be
> nice. Example:
> http://toolserver.org/~erfgoed/api/api.php?action=search&format=gpx&srmunicipality=Haarlem&srwithoutimage=1
> * The OpenStreetMap based map for WikiLovesMonuments is now available at
> http://toolserver.org/~erfgoed/map/ . I made it available yesterday. It
> still needs improvements (like not always starting in Amsterdam).
> * I altered the OSM map to understand most api parameters. For example
> all the monuments in Haarlem without an image:
> http://toolserver.org/~erfgoed/map/?srwithoutimage=1&zoom=16&lat=52.38096&lon=4.63789&layers=B0000TFT&srmunicipality=Haarlem
> * I added the "osm" output format to the api. This will just redirect
> you to the osm without your search options. For example all monuments in
> Amsterdam on the Prinsengracht without a photo:
> toolserver.org/~erfgoed/api/api.php?action=search&format=osm&srmunicipality=Amsterdam&srwithoutimage=1&sraddress=Prinsengracht%
> Some things I would like:
> * Further improvements of the map. For example a search option like at
> http://toolserver.org/~multichill/coordinates.php
> * Tracking of images tagged with a monuments template at Commons
> (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Cultural_heritage_monuments_with_known_IDs)
> and making this available through the api.
> I'm thinking about creating a table monument_templates with the fields:
> lang, country and template. This would be a really small table based on
> https://fisheye.toolserver.org/browse/erfgoed/erfgoedbot/monuments_config.py?hb=true
> with (lang, country) as primary key.
> The second table would be monument_images with the fields: template, id,
> image. This would be a much bigger table containing all the images
> tagged with a tracker template. Not really sure what keys to set here
> for performance. Any thoughts?
> In the api you should be able to request images based on country, lang
> and identifier. For example (nl, nl, 2390) should return
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Keizersgracht_609,_Amsterdam.JPG
> (and maybe more images).
> * The api should be able to return the formats, countries, props, etc,
> to automatically fill http://toolserver.org/~erfgoed/toolbox/ with the
> right fields.
> * Toolbox should be improved.
> * Internationalization should be improved.
> * We should probably set up http://map.wikilovesmonuments.org and
> http://api.wikilovesmonuments.org
> Anymore suggestions? Who wants to help? Docmeister, where to store this
> onwiki? ;-)
> Maarten
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