Although it is an extremely thrilling topic to discuss, I know that Tamás explored a LOT of options in Hungary. I'm not sure how helpful it is to discuss everything about this specific case again on this mailing list :) Perhaps a wiki page would be more helpful for this purpose, for example [[Commons talk:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in Hungary]] ? Then it actually gets preserved for a next time. 

(Some people are complaining about the amount of email, so I'd like to try to focus the list traffic to more directly related topics)


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Anyway... how can a list of name of monuments and coordinates be copyrightable? That is like a list of municipalities and population data.

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Ole Palnatoke Andersen, 01/09/2012 10:42:
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    If we couldn't cooperate with the national office, we could try to
    collect the list of monuments on community base, while the complete
    list is on my computer. Funny situation ;)

The monuments that were photographed last year should be
re-photographable, at least..

What do you mean? If any list has been put on our wikis, that could be used (being CC-BY-SA), but the database protection at least seems to be an obstacle for which they probably don't have any.


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