I would like to request to choose international jury members more wisely than previous year. I can see one member from the previous year who had no photographic or documentation skills, was not a heritage expert and got blocked by community. For such an important role such as WLM jury, this was not expected and some background check was necessary.



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Hi Everyone,

it looks like this email may not have made it through for some reason, so resending. 

I would highly encourage you to think a bit about who in your respective networks would be a good juror for the international jury. We will again try for diversity, but for that to be successful, Ndahiro needs a lot of good suggestions! 

It would be great if every national organizer could try to share at least one candidate with him, and then we can select a balanced set from that. Thanks so much!

If you are trying to think about what makes a good juror, please see the instructions below. 


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Hi all,
Like every year, We need to put together a good jury for Wiki Loves Monuments 2021. It is a complicated and delicate process to come to a balanced jury, and I would like to outline the criteria here and ask for your input. I have agreed to take the lead on this process - but would definitely welcome your input, and help.

  • As in the past years, I think it is important to aim once again for a jury that as a whole is neutral and balanced in many ways. This means ideally:
  • A mix of photography experts, heritage experts, and Wikimedia experts (aiming at a total size of 7-9)
  • Geographically balanced so that no two jury members come from the same country.
  • Balance in many other ways imaginable (while at the same time, one can never assure a balance in all aspects) 
The international jury members do not serve on a national jury for WLM,
At the same time, there are some practical considerations:
  • Jury members must be able to write and read English.
  •  They must have the time to commit to judge 200-500 photos in three rounds over a period of 3 weeks in November, while jury members can participate in a local competition, their photos cannot participate in the international finale.

  • Jury members should not participate in any national jury for 2021 (previous years is OK) 

  • It would be helpful if the juror would be willing to share their real name for the jury report.
  • Jury work is in a volunteer capacity.

Do you know someone who would make a good juror, please contact me privately with a suggestion? At least let me know who the juror is, how I could contact him/her and why they would make a good jury member (and whether you have reason to believe they would accept the nomination if asked).

I will do my best to put together once again a qualified and diverse jury, with your help!

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Derrick Ndahiro
International jury coordinator, Wiki Loves Monuments 2021

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