Maybe then it should be the other way around? "Hey, we are reminding you to take the survey! In case you have already filled it, carry along, thank you!" Or sth. Just my opinion.

2013/11/27 Platonides <>
On 27/11/13 21:40, Teele Vaalma wrote:
I am sorry, is this the message to thank a person for filling the survey
or to remind him to fill it? It shouldn't do both, because if he has
already filled it, there is no need to remind. And if he hasn't filled
it, there is no reason to thank him for filling it.

Or am I silly and missing something?

We don't know if they filled it or not, so we send them a message thanking the filling if they did, and "hey, if you are in the 80% which didn't fill out the survey, remember you can still do it".

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