As reported before, Erik Zachte also created something to make the stats, but he needs a list of users as input. 

If someone can create a text file with all users of 2010, 2011, 2012 (possibly with country parameter), then he can run this probably through his tool quite easily. The bottle neck is a reliable list of users (and participating files) - this is also a bottle neck for some other processes. 


2013/5/8 Platonides <>
On 08/05/13 10:51, Charles Andrès wrote:
> Hello Lodewijk,,
> Currently I'm doing it manually, taking the users list
> here
> and looking for the date of registration and last contrib with this
> tools
> Don't know if somebody is able to connect the two tools
> charles

Yes, it should be possible. You are doing it the hard way.
Is the registration and last edit in commons enough for you or should it
be reported globally?