Thanks for the update and enthusiasm, it was good meeting you last weekend in Amsterdam! 

When it is more common in your country, or is of course similarly OK (I assume you have a similar situation as in the UK, which uses /

In Amsterdam we already shortly discussed the reformatting of the existing Thai monument lists (on th.wikipedia), could you link this as well from the page on Wikimedia Commons? I also see that you copied the timeline from the Dutch competition. Probably it is best to copy the updated timeline on . Please bear in mind this is still a 'perfect' timeline, for a perfect world. As you started later, it is to be expected that things happen later, and that you may have to skip certain steps. 


2013/5/25 <>
Hi there,

Please find the information in the link below.

Registration of is not allowed. (THNIC admits
.th registration only third-level domain under seven groups of
predefined second-level domains.  Strict registration rules make the
risk of cybersquatting extremely low.   There is currently no chapter
in Thailand and small grant may be asked.

The rationales behind Wiki Loves Monuments in Thailand is twofold:
* we wish to recruit more volunteers
* we wish to start a high-impact outreach activity that strengthen the
movement to pave the way for chapter registration.

Many thanks,

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