This is great! I need to catch up on the post you made on the talk page, I will tonight hopefully (I am on holiday! Yay!)

Anything I can do to help, of course, it's been one of my "wiki-dreams" to make something like this happen in the US, especially as an active photographer of NHRP's!

I also love the template you created, I've been using it like...crazy (as crazy as you can get with NHRP'S!)


On Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 2:18 PM, Maarten Dammers <> wrote:
Hi guys,

I felt like adding the National Register of Historic Places listings to the big monuments database. I created some templates to handle the entries and set up the database. Today wrote a little bot to convert current lists. Anyway, more info at
This makes it easier for the US to join WLM 2012 ;-)


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