2015-01-15 21:46 GMT+00:00 Asaf Bartov <abartov@wikimedia.org>:
Thanks, Jean-Frédéric!  I did not know about your tool.  I did spend some time looking for a tool on Commons, most specifically here[1], but didn't find anything appropriate.  It did not occur to me to just grep GitHub, though. :)

Sure. For convenience, I took this opportunity to push it on Pypi − makes it super easy to install.
Anyhow, my tool is on GitHub too[2], although it's incomplete.  The category mode is working fine, but it was originally started (long ago) as a downloader for preparing images for offline Wikipedia editions, based on an article list, and supporting multiple parallel downloaders, and that part is incomplete.

Awesome! The more the merrier :)
I'll get around to finishing that Some Day Soon.  

Ah, I certainly know the feeling ;)

Thanks for updating this page too :)