Glad to hear this project made it to the real world! I recall discussing it (almost a year ago?) and it's great that finally a full migration can be done :) Would be helpful for the consistency of the data. 

Probably good to write a blog post about it for and prepare some info for people who want to add new countries: how they should do that in the mean time, and who to approach. It'll be an interesting WLM year! 


On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 3:54 PM, André Costa <> wrote:
Hi Ilya,

The data will migrate into Wikidata and so will be following, and limited by, the standards as they are implemented there.
Specifically discussion about the structure of the data will happen at and where you are welcome to join in the discussions.

As for tooling we haven't decided on any specifics yet but likely most tools would be of use (possibly with some minor tweaking) for, at least, other data on Wikidata.

André Costa (WMSE)

On 21 January 2016 at 17:24, Ilya Korniyko <> wrote:
This is very interesting project. 
Are you going to use standarts like CIDOC CRM, International Core Data Standard for Archaeological and Architectural Heritage and W3C standarts for Linked Data?
Have you investigated and are you going to reuse tools and experience from various existing project like Europeana? 
Are the tools going to be generic enough to support other fields of knowledge beyound objects of Wiki Loves Monuments? 
How are you going to plan and implement your tools?
This details of  are currently missing in your description pages.


On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 5:52 PM, Axel Pettersson <> wrote:

Hi all, (cross posting on purpose, no excuses)

Great news for everyone interested in cultural heritage.

Wikimedia Sverige, along with partners UNESCO, Wikimedia Italia and Cultural Heritage without Borders, has received a $300,000 grant from Kulturstiftelsen (the Swedish postcode lottery) to work on a project called Connected Open Heritage.[1]

The project lasts until July 2017, and during that time we will work on:

  • Migrating the information in the WLM database to Wikidata

  • Updating and adding new data about monuments, including from ten countries where cultural heritage is at risk

  • Uploading tens of thousands of images and media files from cultural heritage institutions

  • Increasing awareness about what the Wikimedia movement is doing in the cultural heritage field, both to the Wikimedia communities, general public and also to experts in the field

  • Promoting open data and free licenses

  • Organizing a photo exhibition with images of cultural heritage in at least three countries.

All info on the project, including who to contact if you want to get involved, timeplan, activities and such are available on Meta. The talk page on Meta is open for comments and questions, and all input on this is welcome.


Best regards,

Axel Pettersson
Projektledare GLAM/Outreach
Wikimedia Sverige

+46 (0)733 96 55 65

Stöd fri kunskap, bli medlem i Wikimedia Sverige.

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