How big is the video? If is smaller than 100Mb you can upload yourself. If is bigger you need to open a bug in Bugzila in order to get it uploaded.

And btw: what is the extension of this video? Need to be in ogv to be able to go to commons.
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Imagine um mundo onde é dada a qualquer pessoa a possibilidade de ter livre acesso ao somatório de todo o conhecimento humano. Ajude-nos a construir esse sonho.

On 22 December 2011 20:29, Bastien <> wrote:
Hi Maarten,

Maarten Dammers <> writes:

> Looks cool! Can you also put it on Commons?

Of course -- any suggestion of a good location for this?

> In the video the map looks like OSM and the monuments api combined. What
> site is that?

The tool is here:

I found it listed in