Hi Francesca,

There are many ways of doing things :) The system you describe, sounds very much like the jury tool that has been in use with several countries in the past years, so should be easy to implement (assuming the code is still up to date). It was a star system however, but it's basically the same: makes it easy for people to run through, and you can decide how many votes are sufficient. 

I can't trace down the description page right now, but I guess someone else can add that information :)


On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 12:02 PM, Francesca Lissoni <francesca.lissoni@wikimedia.it> wrote:
Hello everyone,
I'm new in this mailing list. I'm Francesca, staff member of Wikimedia Italy since 2013, I probably met some of you in Berlin at the Wikimedia Conference.

I worked on the past two editions of Wiki Loves Monuments Italy together with the project manager Emma Tracanella and WMIT staff.
The organization of WLM Italy 2015 has now started and we are facing a small challenge that I would like to share with you here, hoping someone can help us.

We are trying to figure out which is the best process to make a first selection of pictures uploaded for the contest and if there's a tool available to support this work. We are wondering what are the methods used by other organizations.
In order not to overload our volunteers, we would like to speed up and ease the process so that everyone won't have to go through all the images. We were thinking of a tool with "yes/no/not sure" bottons or a system that allows people to vote. The point would be to leave out the pictures with a certain level of "no" or otherwhise to promote only those having a certain number of "yes".

Suggestions or advice coming from your experience would be very welcome. :)

Thank you very much,

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