if you're able to have everything in order before that moment I could possibly live with it. However, you should have all business in order before then (this is not to be underestimated at such short notice), including prizes (no prizes is an option too, although highly unfortunate) and jury. 

However, I would be quite against having the finishing date of Israel. Israel is here a strong exception because the hebrew calendar system is different than ours, and newyear starts at Sept 14. This does leave them with an extremely short time to run jury results. Having Slovakia with a shifted timeline too, would be highly unfortunate. Also, this would mean you would have to disqualify all images uploaded so far (you mentioned 100 accidental uploads?). So *if* you're able to join, I strongly prefer you would still end at September 30. I know this doesn't sound nicely, but otherwise things become very confusing. 


2012/9/13 Matej Grochal <ggrosi48@gmail.com>
Dear colleagues,

First of all, thank you for the feedback.
Joining in with Israel in terms of the timeline seems like a do-able
option if we pushed the starting date further a bit. <- What would be
the hard limits on that?
The infrastructre is getting built as we speak (thank you for the help!)
Our thinking is that it is better to take this oportunity and not to
wait until 2013.
WLM and the Wiki family is, after all, a project of hope,

Thank you for your support,

Matej Grochal