Hi all,

things are going better and better, and I see people getting excited all over the world. 

Last week I was in Wroclaw, Poland, to present on Wiki Loves Monuments on their annual conference to make them enthusiast about the contest and persuade volunteers to participate. It was pretty successful I think, at least several volunteers from Poland were committed to make this happen in Poland (reported here before by Odder). However, there were also people from Ukraine and Belarus present, and they are also considering to participate if it is practically possible. Thank you Wikimedia Polska for making this possible!

This weekend I am at the Chapters Meeting (because of my involvement in Movement Roles), and I was able to lead a session (together with the facilitator of course) on WIki Loves Monuments. I will post the documentation on that later on, but would like to give you an ahead notice on this. The session was really positive, and I learned that there were many questions still left over. I hope that the documentation coming out of this session will therefore benifit many others. Delphine shared a whole bunch of notes with us from the AGM at Wikimedia France where WLM was discussed with some pretty cool ideas, so I hope these will be up soon, too. Many chapters present were really interested. 

In the mean while, Austria joined Wiki Loves Monuments too (Welcome!) and some more are considering. What is maybe also exciting, non-european chapters are considering to set up a similar event. 

Both presentations I gave (they are quite similar) are available on Wikimedia Commons in category:Wiki_Loves_Monuments .

Of course you also saw the great report by Maarten, who visited in Berlin the AGM of Wikimedia Deutschland, and was able to help them make quite some progress - also great work :) Please see his email for more info on that. 

If you have any questions, please let me know through this list. 

I repeat: If you need some help in brainstorming, to give a workshop in your region for your volunteers, please let us know through this list. 

Best regards from Berlin,