Hi all,

There are three updates regarding WIki Loves Monuments 2020 in India competition, which we do like to share with you.

a) Thanks to Sumitsurai, our jury team has been finalised. You can find them here.

b) All of the monuments in our list will now be connected to WikiDocumetaries, which is a web interface bringing together information from all Wikimedia sites into one place. Thanks to Susanna, WikiDocumentaries is also now providing the option to upload Indian monuments from their site.

c) Krishna and Zache have worked on creating a generalised module which can fetch Wikidata item of the monuments from our list while uploading and in turn display Wikidata item and relevant external identifier template in file description. Uploaders now don't have to worry about the monument ID if they directly upload from our list. This module can also be adapted by other participating countries which have migrated all their data to Wikidata and/or having multiple campaigns. We have included the module and necessary templates in our wlm-in campaign. Thanks a lot, Krishna and Zache.

(On behalf of WLM India team)