Hi Jan,

On 14-07-19 16:36, Jan Ainali wrote:
Several, I think. The most significant I remember were from Sweden and Finland.
Any pointers?

Maybe http://www.ksamsok.se/in-english/ , but I know more about http://data.nationallibrary.fi/bib/sparql and related.
Maybe one of the locals has more information.

The link to k-samsök is excellent and should provide you with necessary information. Remember that linked open data doesn't equal SPARQL endpoints. 

Sure, but SPARQL is the de facto standard these days for making linked open data accessible. If you already went through the trouble of making URI's, RDF, etc. you might as well throw it all into a SPARQL endpoint to unlock all the federation magic. I'm sure some (most!) API's are much better than SPARQL, but with SPARQL I only need to figure out the data model, with an API I also need to figure out what the calls are, get some stupid key, etc.

Seeing the started in 2009 they are probably subject to the "Wet van de remmende voorsprong" ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_the_handicap_of_a_head_start ). For organizations starting now they just to do some data wrangling with something like Poolparty or Lodview and they can do all the pretty stuff. Back in 2009, that wasn't available yet.

Do you have some kind of system in place to keep Sweden in sync? Or should I ask Alicia and André?