On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 5:06 PM, Maarten Deneckere <maartendeneckere@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey all,

I'm trying the jury tool, and I have some questions.

1/ I added the pictures from our competition
hint: use only the category description, so drop the "category:", eg: Images_from_Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2013_in_Belgium

2/ I know have about 3200 images to be judged. I now added a round, but would like to remove it (including images that will be added later today). Can somebody help?

I think you couldn't change it later. You can configure a new round with your new settings.
(Or David can reset it for you manually.)
3/ How can I easily add judges?

Every judges have to register first. Or you can register them :)
http://wlm.wmflabs.org/<language code>/register/
If you choose open type, registered judges can use the tool (the actual round).
If you choose invitational type, only the admin can add judges on the config page: http://wlm.wmflabs.org/<language code>/admin/<round number>

It is based on my experiences, maybe David will correct me.