Thank you Tomasz. Your answer has been very clear and it helps us a lot.

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> Hi Santiago,
> thanks for the message. Answering your questions in a chronological order:
> #1: I believe that local organisers are free to do whatever they want
> with the exhibition; if you think that hosting it in two or more
> cities for a week at a time would work better for you than having it
> in a single place for three weeks in a row, then you are welcome to
> move it between the cities.
> #2: The dates listed on the Wikimedia Commons timeline page are only
> rough, as I take it that people did not have those details at the time
> when they signed up on that page.
> As far as I see, Wikimedia Sverige wants to hold the exhibition for a
> couple of days before and after a local museum conference that is due
> on May 15-17, and I am sure that you could discuss the details between
> yourselves (but please keep Barbara Fischer in the CC, as she's the
> person responsible for dealing with the exhibition on behalf of the
> international team).
> #3: The international team will cover full costs of shipping the
> exhibition to and from your country. At the time when we discussed the
> details of the exhibition (October-November) we also agreed to cover
> some costs of promotional materials (leaflets, flyers, posters,
> stickers etc.), but I am not sure whether this is still the case; I
> guess that Barbara might have more details about that.
> If you need money to cover the costs of shipping the exhibition
> between two or more cities in your country, this should also not be a
> problem; in any case, I think we'll need to discuss everything on a
> case-per-case basis.
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