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I agree that this would be great. Actually, I believe this was also a topic of conversation at Wikimania. I remember talking about two types of templates:
1) an international template per year that shows that a winner achieved a certain status. I imagine 1a) image was qualified for the international finale (nominated by a <country> national competition), 1b) image reached final round of international finale and 1c) image achieved place XX internationally. This leaves space for countries to design their own templates for place YY in the national competition. 
2) a barnstar awarded to the photographers on their talkpage for each of the above categories as digital equivalent of some kind of diploma. 

It is a non-negligable amount of work though, designing and awarding them :)


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Does the international team have a Commons template that the local teams can use (and translate) to label the photos that win their local contests? I know some campaigns create their own (the German one at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:WLM_de_Gewinnerbild for example), but I would love to see something standard that can be used for those who don't want to start from scratch. I can tell that in WLM-IR we will be a customer for this. ;)

with my WLM international team hat on:
I would love to hear people's thoughts on what message could/would/should ;) go in that template. Is it just that the image is a winner (informational), that the image is a winner and tell the person what WLM is in more depth and with some links (more informational), or do we want to have a call to action in the template (learn about what Wiki Loves Monuments is and join us!)


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