Update from Spain:
* We have about 60% of the monuments lists, some in spanish, others in catalan (from Viquipedia) and others in galician (from Galipedia), but now we have an automatic tool that generates a good schema to create the final lists (http://www.wikilm.es/generar_wikitexto.php). We hope to finish this work in a few weeks.
* We have a simple web site with the basics of the contest, in spanish and galician, and we are working in catalan version. See wikilm.es.
* We have started to contact with some sponsors, but we don't have results in this area
* We don't have jury nor awards, and we have to work in local rules


2011/6/20 Benoît Evellin <benoit.evellin@wikimedia.fr>
Hi all !

2011/6/20 Lodewijk <lodewijk@effeietsanders.org>:

> France:
> Working on getting the lists on the wiki, data is available in European
> database. Further status currently unknown. Update very welcome!

My apologies about the lack of updates.

We are still working in order to complete the lists of monuments.
Every département (see [[Departments of France]] on English Wikipedia)
will have his full list. In order to have lighter lists, we are making
lists by cities, when they have 20 monuments or more. The hardest is
the geolocalization.

Wikimédia France has hired new employees, and our program manager is
going to contact the French Ministry of Culture, in order to make of
the WLM operation more official in France.

Our website is now operating (with some updates to make, welcome
Russia). Currently, it have only one page, but we have started to talk
about it.

I'm going to mobilize our communication group, in order to launch the
press release, the posters and the documentation. For the financial
part, we have to justify all our outcomes. The participation of
Wikimédia France to WLM may be a material support ; printings for

Benoît Evellin
Wikimédia France