Yes, indeed. Wiki loves monuments is an impressive example of the awesome energy and power volunteers can provide to make a wonderful project happen.


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2013/11/21 Samat <>
Hi all,

I would like to thanks the help of everybody, specially the effort of the international team to be the contest smooth.

I would like to thanks the help of the developers and maintainer of the tools!
The following tools were very-very helpful for me during the contest and I used them a lot (it can happen that I will miss tools or developers):
* (csv  to template converter);
* monuments database and the several useful bots and services of Maarten;
* upload statistics, csv file and map of Emirjrp;
* exciting page of the country race and the cumulative uploads;
* beautiful and useful pages of Superzerocool;
* useful stats, tools and pages of Platonides;
* downloading tool of Platonides and script of Maarten.

Thanks again!


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