Hi all,

this is by now working very well for some countries! Currently only some countries got in touch with Hay. If you want to have nice statistics, without using Google Analytics, please get in touch with Hay through hay@wikimedia.nl :) He just returned from vacation, so this is the perfect time!


2012/6/3 Hay (Husky) <huskyr@gmail.com>
Hi everyone,
because we'd like to monitor stats for all wlm websites globally this
year i've installed the open source Piwik package. There were some
concerns about using Google Analytics because of privacy issues. The
nice thing is: you only need to add a small snippet to your site, i'll
add an account for you and you don't need to install any stuff

We're still looking if everything will perform well, so if you want to
add the code to your site please send me an email (hay@wikimedia.nl)

1) The username you would like on the statistics server
2) The website you're using
3) Which CMS you're using (WordPress, Mediawiki, etcetera)

Kind regards,
-- Hay (Husky)

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