Hi all,

Quick email to give a status update on ErfgoedBot.

For many weeks/months ErfgoedBot was in a very poor state, and it was unclear whether we could put it back in shape, as the current maintainers (André and me) have very little availability.

With the help of Maarten, we put in some last minute work [0] and got it back to a "mostly working state" − as in, from high-level view things seem to be working fine, however we have not had capacity to investigate recent reports.

For more information on the services provided by ErfgoedBot (categorization, maintenance reports, etc.), please see the documentation on Commons:

Besides, the job notifying uploaders without e-mail enabled is also running − please see my email from last year for more details:

If you notice issues, please file a task on Phabricator ; however, for the sake of managing expectations, it is unlikely that they will be investigated promptly.