As a suggestion of topic... It would be really great if we could have a fix for lists of monuments & cultural heritage produced from Wikidata at Wikipédia via Listeria, after the great disruption caused by Listerias last update which removed the possibility of sorting the lists by geographical subdivision. This kind of list[1] used to be generated with ordered sections for every municipality in the district list, which were then ordered inside by civil parish & monument name, making the process of finding monuments in a given place very easy. The "fix" available on Listeria is to add a query for every municipality - in our case 308 queries, which is not an option. This disruption caused by that Listeria update - which very much ruined that tool in this aspect - is having a considerable negative impact in the participation in the contest, and it would be great to have an alternative (either existing or new).

 [1] - https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019/Portugal/Lista/Aveiro 


Ciell Wikipedia <ciell.wikipedia@gmail.com> escreveu no dia quarta, 19/01/2022 à(s) 19:47:

Hi everyone,

It’s time to pick up the WLM Office Hours again. During these office hours you can expect to talk with other WLM organizers about different aspects of organizing the WLM competition.

We’ll start this year off with a first block (in 2 time slots to allow optimal geographic coverage) on the research for DEI en are looking forward to discussing issues of accessibility and disparity of resources, changing local cultural contexts related to monuments/heritage, government or bureaucratic restrictions to participation, and other such issues that hinder inclusivity and diversity in WLM. 

Please join us on the weekend of 29 and 30 January for an exchange of experiences, after a brief introduction/presentation by Mesha (a researcher that supports the international team). Whether you have experiences to share, or are just curious about Wiki Loves Monuments and the research, please join us for the call.

When: Sat. 29 Jan 9:00 am (UTC) and Sun. 30 Jan 18.00 (UTC)

Where: Google Meet 

We would appreciate it if you could indicate your interest on this page on Commons: 12 hours before the start of the office hour we will share the link for the call on this page. 

On a final note: the international team will be planning more office hours again and we have some ideas about the topics that could be covered, but we of course would like to hear if you have ideas about this! Wikidata, organizing your first photowalk, or the jury process: what would you like to talk about? Let us know.



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