I wanted to let you know that on behalf on the WLM international team, I submitted to the community wishlist [1] the project: “An organizer dashboard for multimedia contribution drives”.


This idea started at the team offsite meeting of last year. I hope you find it interesting too. :) Feel free to comment, whether to support it or to raise potential problems with the idea as currently framed.

There was something I would like to clarify to you, local organizers. In this project proposal, I outline issues that we identified as being common in WLM (and similar competitions) − but that does not mean they happen all the time, everywhere :)

So for example, when I write that « monitoring the large volumes of contributions may often fall back on the shoulders of Wikimedia Commons editors » − I know for a fact that many many local organizer teams do an amazing job checking every single upload − but I mean that there is nothing that makes it really easy for them to do it.

Same, when I write that « it may take months before participants hear back from the organizers » − I know that some organisers make a point to follow up with every uploader − but that then again, there is no easy way of doing it. 

The dashboard idea is to provide an easy, obvious and scalable way of performing actions that many local organizer teams have solved at the local level.


[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/2017_Community_Wishlist_Survey