You shuold only translate it if you feel there is a need :) I was unsure - but since there was a banner in breton, I put it in the second tier anyway. I'll leave it up to your judgement.á


2013/11/12 Nicolas VIGNERON <>
2013/11/12 Lodewijk <>:
> Hi all,
> (language selection below is based on primary languages in a country &
> availability of banners in that language during the competition). Please let
> me know if we missed a language in this overview (or if it is unnecessary).
> Thanks!
> Lodewijk
> For the following languages no translation has been made at all:
> (tier 1) Afrikaans, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese (zh), Estonian, Hebrew,
> Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Nepali, Norwegian (no), Penguinian, Romanian,
> Serbian (Latin script, sr-el), Slovak, Tagalog,
> (tier 2) Chinese (zh-cn), Chinese (zh-hk), Chinese (zh-tw), Chinese (yue),
> American English (en-us), Esperanto, Galician, Kannada, Lower Sorbian,
> Malayalam, Northern Sotho, Norwegian (nn), Occitan, Scottish Gaelic,
> Silesian, Tamil, Telugu, Tswana, Upper Sorbian, Welsh
> For the following languages, some translations have been made - but more is
> needed:
> (tier 1) Armenian, Chinese (zh-hans), Czech, Serbian (Cyrillic script,
> sr-ec), Luxembourgish, Polish, Spanish, Swedish,
> (tier 2) Bengali, Breton,
> (other, no priority) Interlingua, Japanese, Persian, Zazaki
> For the following languages only proofreading is necessary:
> (tier 1) Catalan, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Thai, Ukrainian
> (tier 2)
> (other) Macedonian
> The following languages are ready!:
> (tier 1) English
> (tier 2)
> (other)

French is nearly reviewed (but I can't review myself).

Is there really a need to translate the survey in breton ? (I can do
itů but it will take some time and AFAIK there was no breton-speaker

Cdlt, ~nicolas