Some of you may already have spoken about languages as a complicating factor to Mesha, our DEI researcher.
Please also now share your specific needs and wishes with me though, so I can try and set this up on Commons before September 1st. 🙂


Op do 21 jul. 2022 om 20:11 schreef Ciell Wikipedia <ciell.wikipedia@gmail.com>:
Hello everyone,

While preparing our pages on Commons for Wiki Loves Monuments 2022, and with the upcoming final report on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion research in mind, I would like to ask your input on the translation wishes from this list.

Wiki Loves Monuments has extensive documentation on Wikimedia Commons about all sorts of things around our competition.
  • What, in your opinion, would be the pages you would like to have, or even need to have, translated into your native language to help your national team organise Wiki Loves Monuments 2022? What pages should we give priority in setting up translation possibilities? (for instance the information page for national organisers?)
  • Are there pages that you would love to have translations enabled, to help your participants in your competition find and understand all the information we provide? (for instance the general WLM FAQ?)
  • Please help the international team prioritize: are there languages that really are hindered by the information only being available in English, and that need this information in a different language to be able to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments?
Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. And of course feel free to answer me off-list if that is more convenient for you.