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On the 4th of November the winners of the Dutch Wiki Loves Monuments Contest were announced. The first prize went to a picture of de Drommedaris in Enkhuizen by Kateryna Baiduzha. De judges praised this picture for its composition of the seemingly moving air in connection with the subject of the picture: de Drommedaris.

The second prize went to Dmytro Balkhovitin for his picture of Overwaard Mill No 4 Sunrise. The third prize went to a picture of het Rijksmuseum made by C messier.

Also our special category of this year, ‘Monuments still without a picture on Wikimedia Commons’, was won by an interesting picture of the Gorrecht Flat in Groningen. Especially the bike in the front of the picture was an surprising detail, according to the judges.

To see an overview of all the winners of our Dutch competition, please look at het juryrapport in Dutch.

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