I still cannot see the jurors anywhere on the website. It was previously requested that we wrote a short description to be listed here:
Could that be posted?

Jan Ainali

Volontär, Wikimedia Sverige 
076 - 21 22 776
Tänk dig en värld där varje människa har fri tillgång till mänsklighetens samlade kunskap. Det är det vi gör.

Den sön 12 jan. 2020 kl 17:01 skrev Mohammad Hekmat <>:
Hi all,

We are getting ready to announce the winners of this year's international competition. As usual, in addition to the top 15, we will announce ranks 16-25 as honorable mentions. 

The announcements will begin on Jan 14, 12am (GMT). Every half an hour we will reveal one photo starting from rank 25 and working backwards. Once ranks 16-25 are announced we will wait for another 3.5 hours and then start the top 15 winners. The top winner will be announced at 3pm GMT. 

Please follow the announcement on our social media
Please help us spread the word about the winners and competition by sharing them through your social media, news outlets and local news if you have access. 

WMF will also publish a post on this year's competition once the top winner is announced.

This year was another incredible year for WLM and we are very excited about the big announcement. 

WLM International Team

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