Us at the Catalan Countries use a Python script I created which basically does everything automatically (JoRobot). We run it, like, one time a day so nothing accumulates at the end of the month (like last year; it was a mess).

It fetches a list of photographs @ the flickr group, filters those already uploaded (this year or last year), checks license & other stuff, checks for a tag named ID= which contains the monument ID and with that it queries the monuments DB.

The file is uploaded with the data fetched via pywikipedia.

I think it's better to upload periodically instead of leaving it for the end of the month. It ends up being a mess. On the other hand, I would also recommend using the approach above; maybe it's too late for this time, but it makes the job easier and more efficient.

Joan Creus.

2012/9/27 David Narvaez <>
Hi all,

Related to the other thread about the checklist, I wanted to ask about
the following situation:

We have a rather large amount of photos participating in the contest
that are in Flickr and I was wondering when is it good to import them
into Commons. I was thinking maybe Oct 1st, and filtering by upload
time, so to avoid leaving photos behind. How does that affect the
overall count etc? How are other organizers dealing with the Flickr

Thanks in advance.

David E. Narvaez

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