200% agreeing with your PoV.

De: Lodewijk
Envoyé: samedi 2 mai 2015 13:26
À: Wiki Loves Monuments Photograph Competition
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Objet: [Wiki Loves Monuments] 'evaluation'

Hi all,

it seems that the WMF evaluation department has once again put together an evaluation of Wiki Loves Monuments. Out of curiosity, were any of the organizers involved in this? A quick glance suggests some factual errors, and again a big focus on assuming WLM is a consistent project, that is similar in each country (while in reality it is a diverse collection of projects, tailored to the needs of each country, by its community) and with a focus towards number crunching. 

Statements that begin with 'the average Wiki Loves Monuments implementation/contest' make my eyes bleed... Did anyone make a more thorough analysis of the report?