thanks Strainu for putting up that issue.

thanks to a printing house in Germany "die Umweltdruckerei" we will have 500 A4 calendars to share among the winners of the competition as free copies. 15 calendars will be send to each participating country on the behalf and costs of the WLM international team. Further calendars can be ordered. The net prize is 2,95€ incl. the package, but yet tax and shipping will be extra. There are some chapters that showed interest in ordering like 100 extra copies to distribute them among partners of the contest. WLM Germany is considering to send out one calendar per participant that opted for that to better get in touch with new comers to Wikimedia Commons.

The calendars will be ready for shipping - that is the plan - at the 8th of december. All ordering and shipping will be done through the printing house. It would be a great help if you would let me know, if you like to order more than the 15 free copies, and if so how many. The shipping address of each participating country will be the same as for the notebooks from Lettera27. If not please let me know.

The calendar will be rather puristic. The image as bis as possible and only numbers as calendar reference. No mark for sundays, or fridays or saturdays to keep it neutral for every culture. As soon as the design is set, we will upload it at WMcommons.

Thanks for contributing

Barbara Fischer
Kuratorin für Kulturpartnerschaften

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2012/9/21 Strainu <strainu10@gmail.com>

Before the contest there were talks about some calendars. What is the
final word on that? What is the price, will we have some "subsidized"
ones and when will they be ready?


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