Op 13-2-2011 1:33, emijrp schreef:
The old idea of wikidata. This is not only necessary for monuments but also for municipalities, biographies (personendaten in de:), etc.

I doubt this is going to be done now for Wiki Loves Monuments, but it is a great idea.

2011/2/12 <wp-denkmalpflege@gmx.de>
Building up a global Monuments Database with datasets of any country available.

Some information like geodata, location, year of construction, picture, official key, source information might be universal and are needed only once for every monument. Other information like the description of the monument should be kept in different languages.

For any Wikipedia language a template with placeholders is created. A script can fill the templates with information from the Monuments Database.

As the number of monuments is not static and we continously find out better information or take new photos, a web interface allows to change the datasets with new information. A bot can update regularly (once a week) the monument lists in all Wikipedias.
The current approach is that we get some data, add it to some Wikipedia and harvest the information to put it in a database. So we already have our global Monuments Database, it's called Wikipedia :-)
I'm not sure if I'm totally at ease with automatically adding datasets to Wikipedia.