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2011/10/27 Lodewijk <lodewijk@effeietsanders.org>
A wonderful message! Thanks a lot for sharing.
I translated into French and shared it to our mailing list. This is so inspiring that it just needs to be shared.

If we have more feedback like this, I hope we can share it somewhere together. 
I’ll take this opportunity to share this link that Adrienne found at the beginning of the month :

It’s a blogpost in French, written by a 16 years old girl living in Romania, and it is easily one of the cutest and freshest things I have ever read in six years of Wikimedia.

As I said at the time on the French ML :

“This is Wiki Loves Monuments.

16 years-old kids grabbing their bikes to see the cultural heritage around, and finding out that they can help Wikipedia.

A French girl, born in the United States and living in Romania, taking part in a European contest spearheaded by Dutch.”

This is really an extraordinary story that we are part of, don’t you think? :-)

Following is the most faithful translation I can provide. :-)

(@Romania organisers : folks, I hope your jury will consider sending the girl a prize :-)


Wiki loves Monuments

Hello everyone!

I hope you spent a good week, because we did ! The challenge that we had to do was very nice, and allowed us to visit a bit the city.
I don’t know if you know, but Wikipedia has organised a competition in Europe last month (September). In ten countries of the European Union a list of monuments was created. We had to take a picture of all these monuments so that Wikipedia could then put them in their databases.
Here is the website : http://wikilovesmonuments.fr/

Fortunately for us, Romania was one of the competing countries! So we decided to take part to this treasure hunt.
First, we found the list of all the monuments to photograph in our city. Then we looked for those that were accessible and near our home. This took a lot of time but in the end we managed to make our own list.
This Thursday, we went with our bikes all well prepared for the event. We had to go to the post office so we took this opportunity to take pictures of : the C.D. Loga high school, the Carmen Silva high school, and a very old hospital.

We had in all two hours of biking!

On Friday, as I was preparing lunch, Noé and Mom went to photograph the Eiffel bridge and the city fire station.

We sent everything to Wikipedia :) hoping we will get a prize...