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2011/3/22 Maarten Dammers <>
Hi everyone,

I'm very happy to announce that De Bond Heemschut is going to support
the organisation of Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 in the Netherlands!
 From their website: "De Bond Heemschut is a private organization which
has worked continuously for almost 100 years (since 1911) to preserve
the Dutch cultural heritage. 'Heemschut' derives from the words
'schutten' meaning to 'enclose' (i.e. protect) and 'heem', 'one's
premises'. As a heritage organization our work involves protecting
historically interesting structures and sites - everything from an
endangered tea house to carved up land, for example alongside the

We carry out this work with the drive and dedication of volunteers. Each
of the Dutch provinces and the city of Amsterdam has its own independent
Heemschut committee." (from, more
information over there)

They already supported Wiki Loves Monuments 2010 with some prices and
with someone in our jury. This year Heemschut is going to support us a
lot more with "offline" PR, something we didn't really get to last year.

I look forward working with them!

Maybe something for the other countries to look into: Does your country
have a volunteer based heritage organization like Heemschut? It would be
a natural partner to work with.


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